The Q

The Q

Open 90 minutes before each performance through intermission, Quality Hill Playhouse’s lobby bar “The Q” is the perfect complement to a great performance. Come early to enjoy cocktails, conversation, and dessert.

Our commitment to Kansas City goes beyond hiring the best local talent. We also serve the finest local products. The Q proudly serves Tom’s Town spirits (vodka, gin, bourbon), Boulevard beer, and Parisi Bros coffee, in addition to wine, Coca-Cola products, hot cocoa, and select additional liquors. Order our signature cocktail themed for each production as a special treat!

The Q also serves desserts from André’s Confiserie Suisse, including a selection of cakes and pastries. Arrive early to enjoy a treat before the show, or pre-order your dessert before the show, and it will be waiting for you at intermission or after the performance.

Selections include the following:

Carrot Cake: carrot and almond cake with kirsch (cherry brandy) buttercream layers, topped with marzipan

Tasting Trio: Mocca Roulade (almond cake and mocca buttercream covered in marzipan), Lemon Tartlet (lemon buttercream with a lemon curd center in a cookie cup), Matterhorn (chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream on a cookie base covered in chocolate fondant)