The Friends of Quality Hill Playhouse

The Friends of Quality Hill Playhouse


$20,000 AND ABOVE
Jane and Bob Rutherford

$10,000 – $19,999
Herb and Bonnie Buchbinder Donor Advisory Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City
City of Kansas City, MO-Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund
Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Shackelford III

$5,000 – $9,999
Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation
Ann W. McCray
J. B. Reynolds Foundation
Lynne and Carl Weilert
Thomas & Sally Wood Family Foundation

$1,000 – $4,999



Greg and Stacy Aldridge


Mr. and Mrs. Don Barta

Ruth and Alfred Biggs, Jr.

Helen S. Boylan Foundation

Sandy and Don Breckon

Suzanne Buffum

June and Nat Cassingham

Childers Counseling Service

Dr. Arnold and Mrs. Barbara Chonko

Susan and Dennis Clevenger

Don and Pat Dagenais

Jim and Lou Eisenbrandt

Michael Fields

Freddie and Les Fike

Charles and Patty Garney

Jutta Geldersma

Donald J. Hall

Bill and Paula Hankins

Paulette and Ken Hedden

Harold and Joyce Hodges

The Ingram Family Foundation

Beth Ingram and Edward Milbank

Carole Seymour and Katy Jenkins

Nancy Kain

Patricia Keairnes

Judy O Kirk

The Ernest and Marilyn Kussmaul Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Annette E. Kussmaul, MD, MPH

Bill and Crystal Land

Ann W. McCray

JoZach Miller

Janet Morris

Donna and Jim Muiller

Richard and Nancy Neuburger


Dr. Phil and Mary Pattison

Richard D. Pearson

Stanley S. and Ardyce H. Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Reed

Connie and David Ross

Lisa and Charles Schellhorn

Randy and Mary Ann St. Clair

Theater League

Margaret and Jim Trout

Clara and Larry VanDraska

Leslie Eden and Carl Vansant


$500 – $999

Joicie Appell
Becky and Don Aripoli
J. Kent Barnhart and Brian McGinness
Jane Beach
Ross and Nata Beaudoin
Cameron and Sherrie Beck
Terry and Jane Belanus
Jim and Elaine Bowers
Pam and Bob Bruce
Bob and Julie Curry
Molly Eaton
Bill and Velma Farrar
Charles and Cheryl Farris
Sharon and Scott Frankel
Trudy and Jack Gabriel
Richard Galamba
Louise and Gary L. Hicks
Kenneth Hill
Christopher and Stephanie Hope
Bonnie J. Buchele and Bruce R. Hopkins
David Huges
Robert and Michele Hurst
Michael and Blair Hyde
Lyle Krehbiel and Teresa LaRocco
Janet K. Long
Paul and Marilyn Lyons
Claudia Mayorga and Greg Howard
Mike and Betty McDermott
Reid and Linda Nickisch
Ellen and Gary O’Kelley
Judy Payne
Brenda Pelofsky
Timothy W Peters
Kathy Portman
John Rensenhouse and Darren Sextro
Ruth Rider-Seck
Berni Riley
Anastasia and Max Schlesinger
Jim and Leah Shelton
Bryan and Nancy Sitzmann
John and Suzie Stutzer
Marilyn and William Taylor
Nancy and Michael Thiessen
Larry and Vickie Timberlake
Rick Truman and Jerry Pope
John and Debby Walker
Lynne and Carol Weilert
Judy Whaley
Teddi Wolff
Richard Worker and Edna Baginsky
Annette and Dennis Young
Jean and Bob Zeldin

$250 – $499

Diana Backer, Joe Backer
Ruth Ann Betzelberger
Sharon Betzelberger
Bob and Connie Bintner
Tom and Jody Boeding
Trude Bond
Dianne and William Braddock
Ruth Bradshaw
Ben and Chris Buckles-Riley
Doug and Sally Burton
Edward and Monja Calvert
Jerry and Meghan Carpenter
Tim and Margaret Carr
Wilma Collado
Richard and Theresa Collins
Dick and Julie Conn
Linda and Woody Cozad
Judy Crane
Nancy and John Dillingham
Christine Durbin
E. Edmonds and J. Howard
John and Kathy Fields
Lyla K and William J Flohrs
Patty and Paul Frank
Bryan Frey
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Gardner
Greg and Kathy Grounds
Kevin and Bev Growney
Jim and Kitty Ham
Kay Hanson
Lyle and Hilda Hartling
Paulette and Ken Hedden
Sam and Susan Helmuth
Shirley and Barnett C. Helzberg Jr.
Chris and Diana Hill
Susan Horst
Mary and John Hunkeler
Sherri J. Israel
L. Jane Jacobs
Dave and Michele Janson
Virginia Jensen
Ron and Laura Johnson
Tom and Terry Johnson
Steve and Noreen Joice
Steve Joss
Dr. Ed Kavanaugh
Bonnie and Robert Keyserling
John Teel Ballew and Sarah LaBarr
Helen LaValley
Marc Liby
Judith A. Lindquist
Susie Lounsbury
J. Gary and Joann McEachen
Jim and Jean McHenry
Bill and Shelley Melewski
John L and Ellen G Miller
Terri Miller
Paige Morgan
Wendy and David Neihart
Jan and Richard Nelson
Mary and Bill Nixon
Paul and Sue Palmer
Eastin Pecota
Hollis Pettz
Mary Jo Pflumm
Mary Sue Phillips
Fred and Irene Price
Doug and Sarah Reed
Ken and Lenora Remmert
Jill Ingram Reynolds
Sue Robb
Sue and Dee Rosekrans
Anne and Norbert Russ
Jennifer and Michael Short
Kathryn C. Sitz
Dennis Sondker
Patsy and Sherwood Svarvari
Bill and Jan Taylor
Frank and Ann Taylor
Larry and Mona Tyrl
Dixie Ubben
Carolyn and Robert Walla
Dale and Diane Wassergord
Paul and Jane White
Charlotte Whittler
Sheri and Bob Wood

$100 – $249

Don Abarr
Marshall and Carolyn Anderson
Barbara Anderson
Sally and Gary Anderson
Beth Andrews
Bob and Karen Anver
Bary Archer and Sandi Beck
Don and Pam Arnott
Suzanne Axon
Victoria Bailey
Cindy Baker
Campbell Barnds
Helen and Steve Barnhart
Mary and Don Benson
Cynthia and Jeffrey Berman
Steve and Debbie Betsher
Pam and Walt Blood
Richard Bonebrake and Rebecca Crotty
Marcia and Robert Bowerman
Steve and Sandy Braton
Bonnie Bridges
Jo Ann Brown
Hugh H. Bruner, Jr.
Mary Anne and Steve Burton
John and Pat Carocari
Heidi Carter
Alan and Tina Chapman
Bill and Judy Chastain
Bob and Joyce Chester
Rachel and George Chrisman
Michael and Kaye Cillessen
Linda Clarkson and Doug Van Auken
Vick and Stephen Cole
Emagrace Colley
Carter and Jennifer Combs
Byron Constance and Jane Taylor
Judy Crane
Susan M. Craw
Sarah Crawford
Pat and Liz Daniels
Dennis Dolsenshek
Dick and Becky Eggleston
Sue Farley
Herb and Lana Farnsworth
Jim Fettgather
Bob and Marilyn Fields
William Figg
Michael Flanagan
Joyce Fox and Joseph Kierszkowski
David Jordan and Randy Fox
SuEllen Fried
Elaine Froeschle
Courtney Fuchs and Robert Swisher
Debbie Thompson Gates
Robin Gibbons and Russell Honley
Gary and Lorraine Gilberston
Linda Goodwin
Mary Foley Gorman
Sandra and Nathan Granger
Donna J. Gray
Kathryn and Richard Gray
Bill Gregg
Mary and Keith Gregory
Cheryl and Don Hagedorn
Al and Reca Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hanover
Marty Hatten
Peggy and Rick Hawkins
Todd Hembree
Jerry Herbert
Pablo Hernandez-Rios
Steve and Judy Hill
Dawn and Terry Hoffhines
Robin Erwin
John and Cynthia Jacobson
Kay Johnson and Bill Koenigsdorf
Niel Johnson
Jim and Linda Kennedy
Adrienne Kilbride
Carole H. Kimsey
Louis and Christy Kinman
Steve and Susan Klein
David Kral
Gary and Betty Lackey
Karen and Tim Larkin
Vivian and Julio Leon
Louise and Robert Liepold
Marian and Fred Light
Bruce and Carole Lindgren
Carolyn Litchfiend
Sharon and Louis Loos
Jack and Cathy Lowry
Santamry Lozano
Skip Luce
Phyllis Luebke
Chuck and Betty Lynn
N. Stephen and Karen R. Matthews
Darlene and Robert Matlock
Shirley Matthews
Dr. Pam Mauch and Mr. Patrick Kane
Kent Maughan
Lowell and Erna Mayone
Sandra McConnell
Richard McEachen
Joanne Kane and Don McFarland
Luanne McFarlane
Bob and Shirley McGeary
The Rev. Heidi McGinness
Kathryn McIntyre
John and Carolyn McKelvey
Jack A. McMillen
Lenore Meng
Cheryl Metzger
Sheila and Roger Miller
Linda Minter
Kathy Missman
Mizzou Tiger Club – St. Louis
Carole Mocker
Laurie and Richard Moone
Shannon Morgan
Diane Teal and Kenneth Murdick
David and Shirley Napoli
Mary Northrup
George Norwood
Charles and Jane Olsen
Dr. and Mrs. Vern Otte
Dan Oxler
Flossie Pack
James and Carol Patton
John H. Peele
Mary Sue Phillips
Jodi Picard
Sue Singer
Elise Ray
Lila Raymond
Nancy Remmert
Lin and Roger Rhoades
Ripple Glass
Dwight and Charlotte Robinson
Jack and Jean Rosenfield
Jo Ann Ross
John Rufenacht and Richard Lara
Sally Ryan
Nancy Sandoval
Bob and Jennifer Sawyer
Jan and Bill Sayler
John and Fiona Schaefer
Barbara and Greg Schell
Mary W. Shockley
Linda Scott Skinner
Sandy Slusher
Ray Solee
Jack and Jan Southwick
Jo-Ann and Jeff Staffa
Helen and Norman Steffey
George C. Stewart
Mary Stewart
Stephanie and Greg Stollsteimer
Bob Stumpff, Jen Stumpff
Janice Summers
Synchrony Matching Gifts Program
Yvette and Tim Taylor
Linda and Kermit Trout
Fred and Susan True
Sandra Kay Trundle
Stephanie Ulsh and Sarah Morris
Barbara and Fred Vanecek
Courtney and Alan Velarde
Martha Wagner
John and Angela Walker
Lorene Walker
Stephanie and Gary Watson
Kathleen Weatherstone
Heinz Whener
Elizabeth Weidling
David and Judy Weinstein
Donn and Raeanne Weisser
Norma Elgan and Cheryl Wenz
Gary L. White
Lou Williams
Rollane Williams
Rich and Nancy Wilson
Denise Word
Jean and Bob Zeldin
Rv. Robert Ziegler
Cathy and Charlie Zitnik
Kathryn Zunick



Elizabeth Adkins
Elizabeth B. Applebaum
Henry Arst, M.D.
Karen H. Avery
Alison Baker
Linda Ballinger
James Balsamo
Lora Bear
Mary Becvar
Terry Benson
Becky Bierschwal
Kay and Richard Biery
Bob and Marcia Branstetter
Cathy Brockerd
Irina Brouhard
B. Fern Brown
Jane White Brown
Bill and Kathy Butler
Alice J. Capson
Lori and Brian Carrender
Mike and Gretchen Carter
Gil and Marcia Charney
Marty and Rhonda Clark
Kimberly Clevenger
John Connolly
Peter Connors
James and Charlene Conrad
Verna and Donald Crane
Dick Cull
Virginia Cuppage
Daniel J. Dannenberg
Mert and Julie Darlington
Carol and John Davidson
Val M. Davidson
Lydia Davis
Frances Dean
Dennis and Debbie Dierking
Bob and Kathy Doyle
David Draper
Ann M. Duer
Susie, Jean, and Cliff Duggar
John and Cheryl Ehler
Margaret and Ira Ellman
Todd Estes
Sal and Linda Falcone
Jim Falls
Jennifer W. Ross
Mr. and MRs. Forsythe
Pamela Frank
Linda Gannon
Robin Gaslin
Martha Goodall
George and Suzanne Gordon
Lewis Gowin
John Grasse
Margaret Grice
Phil and Mary Griffin
Rhonda Hand
Dan and Peggy Harris
Larry Harris
Jean Hatfield
John L. Hawkins
Tiffany Hentschel
Jean and Walter Hiersteiner
Randy Hite and Rick Fisher
Mike and Katie Horner
Catherine Hunke
Lynn and Bill Intrater
LaTeesha McDonald Jackson and Allison McDonald
Mary and Bob Jacobi
Adrienne Johnson
Ann Johnson
James B. Johnson
Kaaren Jones
Allegra Jrolf
Ann and Paul Keeling
Mr. and Mrs. James Kerns
June Kisker
Colleen and Edward Knight
Donna and Frank La Pietra
Danny and Judi Lane
Patricia Lankford
Theresa A. Larson
Cheri Leigh
Dennis and Maria Littleworth
Julie Llorente
Nancy A. Loveless
Suzanne and Paul Lucas
Patricia and Phillips Lucido
Dr. and Mrs. R.D. Mallams
Janet Manley
Nancy Marcy
Carol Marks
Mike and Joyce Martin
Deborah Mason
Kate McLaury
Jack and Rosemary Miller
Michael and Cindy Manaco
Robert Moyer
Greg and Liz Muleski
Patrician and James Murphy
Carolyn Nelson
Marie Truty and Richard Nelson
Linda Nolting
Geraldine Owen
Donn and Andrea Parson
Judy Paste
Kate Payne
Bill and Binny Pearce
Dana and Alan Perry
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Susan Phillips
Alyson Pickerns
Ary Ann Pinkerton
Michelle Piranio
Jim Rand
Mary Ann Rastorfer
Carole Anne Renick
Hank and Joan Riffe
John and Sonja Roeder
Betty Rottinghaus
Leslie and William Rowland
Beverly and Bill Ryan
Raymond and Mary Schrader
Nancy and Harvey Sewell
Earl Seymour
L.M. Silvers
Douglas Slawson
Mary Smith
Sara Smith
Larry and Marvie Sneegas
Rosemary Snellman
June Snider
Marguerite and John Starcke
Dennie Steeves
Bill and Cindy Stephens
Sandra Stogsdill
Denise and Doug Streu
Richard and Shirley Trudell
Virginia Tulp
Laurie Marie Ulrich
LeRoy and Trish Unruh
Nick Verina
Maryfrances Wagner and Greg Field
Joseph Walker
Charmaine Ward
Jerry and Gail Ward
Julie Watson
John and Jacquelyn Webb
Rick Wetsch and Jane Lampo
Cyril and Melissa Welter
Dick and Gay Williams
Kimberly Wilson
Jeffrey R. Witsken
Warren Young
Greg Zarobsky
Brad Zimmerman – Chestnut Fine Arts Center
Judith Zivanovic