Set the Table at QHP

This Christmas, Quality Hill Playhouse will be giving a special gift to our patrons: a new lobby!

After more than 20 years in business as the Intimate Theatre in Downtown Kansas City Preserving and Performing the American Songbook, the non-profit Quality Hill Playhouse launches a new day in musical theatre by opening up an expanded lobby. In creating a large, comfortable seating area, audiences will enjoy added the added amenity of fresh and delicious food and beverage service, available both before and after our unique performances.

Construction is nearly complete. Crews are putting the finishing touches on the new space so that we may provide you with the new amenities this holiday season during our run of CHRISTMAS IN SONG.

Now, it’s time to “set the table”. You can outfit the new space by adopting one – or more! – of the items below. To adopt items, call our administrative office at 816-421-1700 to charge your gift or mail a check payable to “Quality Hill Playhouse” to 303 W. 10th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105. To pay online, click the “Add to Cart” button below the item(s) you wish to adopt to charge your gift via PayPal.

  • Bistro Combo – The combination of a bistro table and two chairs can be purchased for $500.00 per set (need 10 sets).
  • Glassware – Glassware sets include one of each wine glass, highball, old fashioned, martini glass, and cordial, and can be purchased for $100 per set (need 36 sets).
  • Place Settings – Plates and silverware can be purchased for $100 per setting (need 72 settings).
  • Potteryware – Sets of one teapot and one dozen coffee mugs can be purchased for $80 per set (need 10 sets).
  • Reception Room Chairs – The style and comfort of the Zebrano chair makes it the perfect addition to the reception room (which can be rented for private parties). Chairs can be purchased for $200 each (need 36).
  • Table Accessories – A salt and pepper shaker set, creamer, sugar caddy, and menu holder can be purchased for $50 per set (need 24 sets).
  • Lobby banquette benches – Kansas City’s most intimate theatre should have the most comfortable lobby, and this seating group will be the perfect place to relax and enjoy the downtown view. The banquette consists of three pieces with seating for up to 12-14 people. Two nesting tables will be added to the arrangement to provide ample space for drinks and food. The cost is $4,955. Please call our administrative office at 816-421-1700 to sponsor this item.

Most of these items can be seen in the photos above. More information and additional photos will be posted soon on our Facebook page.

All donations are tax-deductible. No goods or services are being received for your donation. (QHP is purchasing the items, and your generous support is “adopting” them as a creative way to fundraise. Please consult a tax professional if you have questions.